Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sister Meet Up

Today Ashton looked super adorable in her purple heart checked pants and braids. The day was beautiful - in February! Usually it's sub-zero temperatures. But it was like 60 degrees!! It was just 20 degrees a couple days ago! That's Indiana for you!

So we wanted to just be out and enjoy the sunshine.

We went out for a fun breakfast. Ashton got chocolate chip pancakes and 6 strips of bacon! I think she would have eaten more if we let her!

A little bit later we went to a dog store. We got contacted by Kaida's sister's owner. She lives in Indiana and was coming down to Indianapolis for a dog show and would love a meet up. So we did.

This is Ellie, Kaida's sister. There is another sister that looks a lot like Ellie bu with more white on her forehead. I'm not sure where she got adopted, but there were only 3 girls in the litter.

The pups weren't all too interested in each other. But it was still nice. 

Ashton on the other hand was very bored. She was using the pet store as a jungle gym. We finally settled her down and let her play on her daddy's phone.

But these two girls were getting a lot of attention together. Kids and grown-ups alike were coming to pet and meet them.

We enjoyed our day out an about! Ashton got to ride her bike and play with chalk doing driveway drawings. Man, do we have spring fever! Hopefully, it'll be an early spring!
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