Saturday, February 18, 2017

Living it Up

This February we are going to have an unseasonably warm week. It's usually sub-zero temperatures, and instead we're going to have 60 degree weather! Wow!! So Friday our family did a bunch of errands. Today, while my hubby worked on building a set for the nest theater production, Ashton and I had Mommy-Daughter day. After her nap I took her to the park. It was packed! But she had a blast!

She was climbing and bouncing about. She couldn't get enough. Other than asking for a drink and potty break, she was all out for about 2 hours!

She had fun learning about how everything worked.

She was a monkey climbing and swinging everywhere! I had quite the time keeping up with her and not losing her in the crowd.

After being there for a couple hours, much to Ashton's disappointment we left and decided to check in on how the stage was coming along. Ashton desperately wanted to help

She only has eyes for her daddy. She kept looking to him for approval. We decided to go out to eat together. We had a wait before we got a table and Ashton kept "dancing" to the music.

You would think I would learn and quit being surprised by her boundless energy. But I'm not. She continually amazes me.

Today was a great day! Love times like these. Wish they came by more often.

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