Sunday, February 12, 2017

Little Early Valentine's Day Gift

Ashton has a few treasured stuffed animals.

Feegan the fox.
Butterfly the bat.
Luke the tauntaun.
Pinky the pink rabbit lovie.
Pua the pig.

She has many other adored stuffed animals, but these are her most beloved. She usually wants to tote one with her around the house. We rarely let her take one out of the house (that's what Jaques the fox is for), except on special occasions.

Well, Monday is Valentine's Day/Pajama Party at Ashton's daycare. It isn't on Tuesday the actual day, because that is tumbling day.

So in preparation, Ashton wrote out her valentine's day cards. Meaning she wrote all their names and signed her name on every card. I swear it took 2 hours to do! But she was determined.

For pajama day she usually takes a little stuffed animal with her. It's the only day I let her take a toy to daycare. Last year it was her beloved tauntaun. This year she wanted to take Pua. Well, if any of you know about Pua, he is ginormous! She can't take that pig!

So we decided to surprise Ashton with a little part of her valentine's day gift early. I think it went over well!

We got her a portable-sized Pua. This one is Pua, jr. She was elated. It might have been wrong to do it right before bedtime, because she got so excited. Like we just gave her sugar.

Needless to say, I think we scored on the gift. I'm sure actual Valentine's Day will be underwhelming after this. But we're glad she loves him.

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