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Yes, this is a blog about my daughter. However, I don't want to just gloss over everything else I'm noticing in our lives. My arm, going to an event, not everything deals with Ashton directly, but is still going on in the background of her life. So I'm documenting it. Also, it's healthy not to just focus on your child. Have other interests, not that I don't. But I think it's a healthy perspective to show that in this blog as well.

A little backstory, I've been doing a lifestyle change. In October 2014, after a doctor visit, I learned I was pre-diabetic. Scared me crazy. Me? But I wasn't over-weight. I was young. I thought I only had to worry about having hypothyroidism. But then I noticed, I wasn't the same, I had gained weight. I wasn't being active. And I had a daughter to get healthy for. So I bought a fitbit and began using the elliptical, watching my steps, and being more aware of what I put in my body portion wise. That helped.

I was able to loose about 15 pounds and no longer be pre-diabetic. That was a huge relief. I kept up my slightly healthier lifestyle, but didn't truly focus on it. My journey didn't end there.

January 17, 2016, Ashton had a cast put on her arm from falling out of bed. While in the waiting room, I saw a infomercial for Cize. I never watch commercials, let alone infomercials, but when you're stuck there in the waiting room for your daughter, you watch. This Cize was a new dancing exercise program from Beachbody. A guy named Shaun T was running it, and it looked like fun. I was ready for the next step to getting healthier. I still felt tired a lot and thought I could do more, and this looked like a fun way to do it. I saved up my money for a month or two and bought it.

Well, by May 2016 I found a Beachbody Coach and I lost another 15 pounds, had energy and felt great, just in time for our Mackinac Island trip.

Well, after that I fell off course. By October 2016, when we were in Disney World, I knew that after all that walking and running about I wasn't where I was in May. I had gained those 15 pounds back.

So on my birthday, December 2016, I recommitted. But this time, I didn't just do Cize, I added Core de Force, and started eating their diet plan. Eating clean, meaning, less processed foods and whole wheat flour breads, and cut down on healthy fats, watch my portions. I even joined online support groups. I worked out everyday. It's been hard, but so worth it.

I lost 12 of those 15 pounds. As of Valentine's Day I was feeling great. Then the arm happened. The pain, I went to comfort foods and couldn't workout. In a week's time I gained 8 pounds back!

Now I know numbers don't really matter, it's the journey, it's about being healthy overall and about not feeling sluggish or bloated, etc. But these numbers are a guideline to see where I was going. I also did measurements, but I really suck at that accuracy, so this is the best guidelines I have to draw a more accurate picture of my journey.

So the arm, it feels much better since the steroids, but still tight and still achy. I want to baby it, in fear of what happened Monday. Now we're up to speed...

So yesterday, I got a email from my coach. She knows how much I adore Shaun T. Well, she was able to acquire a ticket to the Shaun T Experience. He planned to be in Indianapolis TOMORROW. It's be a quick pep talk, some exercising, then a motivational talk, then Q&A.

I was thinking, I'd love to see him. What fun! However, I'm in a sling. Most of the "experience" is exercising. I can't participate. I'd look stupid standing in the corner. But my Coach encouraged me, letting me know this is the motivation I need to get back and focused. And that people would see the sling and realize I'd have to modify and wouldn't judge. Just show up. What did I have to loose?

We even were able to get a ticket for my friend that just joined (one of my close friends who is getting married this July!)

So I ended up attending.

The weather SUCKED! Yesterday, 70 degrees! Seriously, in February. Today 28 and snow with HIGH winds that blew you off course! And I wasn't dressed for cold, I was dressed to workout inside. Just going from the parking garage and crossing the street to the hotel downtown was an adventure. Couldn't get inside fast enough. 

My friend and I made it. We stayed in the very back, but center. What was cool was there was a pop up stage in the middle so now and then Shaun T came down and we could see him up close. He even weaved among the crowd a lot.

There must have been hundreds of people. Some came from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Chicago, everywhere! And everyone was very supportive and sweet to everyone. It was neat.

And let me tell you, I actually worked out. I couldn't do planks or anything, but I modified them standing up. I did LOTS of lower leg work. And when they twisted, I did what I could on my right side. And when my should ached. I held it, took a water break and resumed. I still rocked it. I sweat and felt great for a wearing a sling.

He had some great talks about baggage and to keep recycling it out and how the person you were was strong as they were the person that got you here, so don't be afraid of that person, say hi to them in the rearview mirror, but don't do a u-turn. Keep going.

He then did group shots. (I did take off the sling for the photo!)

We got a picture of us with our Coach. Then we headed back home. I felt like my day was done! I had done so much in the morning!

I was very surprised at how much I did. I didn't think I could participate at all, but I pushed through. And that was part of the neat part. He'd count down 16, 15, 14.... and then he'd get to 1, and people would stop and he'd say "Why are you stopping? Push through. Keep going." And he would say don't worry about the numbers, do what you can. It's all mental. You have reserve in you." I needed to hear that. After my setback, knowing I was doing this and had reserves to keep going despite the injury. 

This experience did me good. Lifted my spirits. Got me refocused. Got me positive.

But I promised Ashton a day with Mommy, since we didn't have the morning together. She wanted to come along, but I knew she'd get bored and run about and be a kid. But I'm hoping that she gets the idea of this and the commitment and that I'm leading a good example and hopefully one day when she is old enough, we can do this together. I hope she knows about being healthy and fit. Of course for Ashton it's all candy, chocolate, and coke obsessions and how can I win one or sneak one right now. Health be damned. But I'm trying, little by little.

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