Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another sleepless night

We were doing so well, and then bam! This morning, Ashton didn't wake well. She was a zombie. And then when I asked her to come downstairs to eat, she said she'd rather nap. And out she went. 

When I went in her room this morning, she had Legos strewn everywhere. She must have stayed up and played Legos. I'm trying to figure out is it a good thing that she didn't wake me, because she was alone and couldn't sleep and kept herself busy, or is it bad and she should have to get her needed sleep, but in our room, and possibly disturbing the dogs and everything, thus creating a possible sleepless night on our behalf. I don't know. 

Maybe she didn't sleep knowing she had to get shots the next day. Maybe that scared her? Though she didn't tell me as much. Everything seemed fine the night before. All good. She was in her usual funny mood. Came to me several times before settling down as usual, wanting food or check this out, or just last snuggles-again. But none of those are a sign or tip off or anything different from a restful night.

Though she was tired this morning, she wasn't foul. So that is at least going for her. My poor baby. I can't imagine have such trouble sleeping. I'd think it'd have some kind of long term effect if it happens this often.

We went to the doctor today. It was the last in her series of 5 year old shots that she needs before Kindergarten. She won't need any more shots (other than her annual flu shot) until she is 11 years old.

She was really good and brave during her shots. So much so, she earned chocolate ice cream. She even bled during her shot and she didn't freak. But she wouldn't look away when they gave her the shot. She is one that has too watch. She clutched to Jacques her fox during it, he helped her get through it.

Now if we can get her to be brave to sleep alone... maybe I need to bribe ice cream for breakfast.

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