Friday, February 10, 2017

Amadeus is 9 today!

May little baby boy is 9 years old today. Blows my mind! Sometimes you take who you love for granted. But I don't with this little boy. I was told I wouldn't have long with my little valentine. In the summer of 2013 we found out Ami's swollen lymph nodes was cancer. I was devastated. I was told months realistically and a couple years if he was lucky.

Even up to about 2 years ago, I still thought my boy wouldn't make it. I really thought he had limited time. The cancer was bad, it looked bad. It was scary. But the chemo worked. And after battling it for a couple years, here he is 2 years later from his last chemo and still going strong. He beat the odds!

My warrior! He's been through so much. The chemo and battle changed him for sure. He's not as feisty or thin as he once was, but he's still my snuggle bug and he still loves to play.

When I see him I keep thinking how blessed we are to still have him. I cherish many moments because I know how fragile life is and how close we came to loosing him. And we had so many losses last year with our furbabies, it makes time with him all that more special.

God healed my little boy and he is a miracle. I'm so happy he's by my side. My little parrot that snuggles in my lap, on my shoulder, in my arms.

Ashton was thrilled to give him a birthday surprise (cheese) for breakfast. He'll be pampered more as the day goes on, but at least we gave him a good start.

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