Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weigh In

I have 2 weddings I'm going to this year. I knew about one for about a year. It's coming up this July. However, I just learned of another wedding, as another friend is engaged and they're getting married in May. So my time to look great has moved closer by a couple of months. So I've been working out everyday and eating clean. It sucks because I do it before or after I eat dinner, as I can't seems to wake up much earlier than I already do. So that means I'm trading off family time with Ashton to get this done. And I can't seem to motivate myself after she's in bed, because I'm ready for me time, and she gets in and out of bed so much, it gets easier if we're not busy, enticing her to come out of her room. She just doesn't sleep well. Hates being "alone". So this seems the best time for me to get it done. Ashton sometimes joins me for like 5 minutes, if that. But typically goes off to draw or build something from her Legos.

Today she wanted to get out her weights and do a few arm reaches. She did about 5 and she was done. Wish my workouts were under a minute. But I'm glad she's seeing about heath and wellness and taking care of yourself. It's something!

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