Sunday, January 22, 2017


Today we woke up to Ashton having several drawings for us again. One of her most impressive was her colorful fairies drawing. She has the movie "The Pirate Fairy" I bought her a couple years ago. She never really cared for it. Well, the past few days she's really into it. So much so, she's drawn the characters. I love seeing their fairy wings and all the colors. She really gets into explaining it and saying who is who, what they're doing, and something about a power source... it's in the bottom corner.

After church we ran some errands and then came home and Skyped with our friends from Finland. Tomorrow will be Miss S's 7th birthday! So over Skype we watched her open up our birthday gift to her. She loved it. The girls kept showing off to one another and Mr. S even tried to say "hi" in English to us. It was great! I'm so glad the girls have this bond even though they are miles and miles away from each other!

Ashton goes through phases where she's really into something. Well, yesterday she rediscovered Pinky. The pink, soft, rabbit lovie I sent her to China. She asked a few questions about him, and decided he'd be her constant companion with her this weekend.

He rode with us to church and when we came home Ashton helped me carry blankets downstairs to be washed. Well she didn't tell me Pinky was helping. And he got in the wash and got in with the fabric soften which just made him all yucky. He just didn't feel the same. We dried him up, and he just had that reside on his fur. Ashton was so distraught. 

I decided to wash him again, alone, with no fabric softener. He seemed to come out better, so I put him in the dryer on low.

While that was going on, Ashton decided she wanted to be a big girl today and instead of having a bath wanted to try out her shower. I turned it on. Oh, was she so scared. She nearly fell out of the tub trying to climb out and got tangled in the shower curtain. I calmed her down and showed her that she shower sprayed the from of the tub and she could be safe and dry in the back and go and test it to her preference. I took a couple minutes of convincing, but then I heard her say, "I love showers" and she was laughing saying the water "tickled" and loved being a big girl. 

After the shower she put on her bathrobe and I was getting "The Pirate Fairy" movie ready for bedtime. I told her to drab her pjs. She didn't want to. She wanted to sleep in her robe inside her tauntaun sleeping bag. I said fine, as long as she went to sleep. She was so happy. I had to take a photo! She is rarely happy right before bed. Bedtime is a hard time for my girl.

I then went downstairs and the dryer was done. I checked on Pinky. He was good as new! I ran him upstairs to Ashton. She was thrilled. She snuggled with him watching her movie in her bathrobe.

It's always the little things that make things amazing, good, happy... I'm glad all is right with our little corner of the world right now!
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