Saturday, January 28, 2017

Celebrating Year of the Rooster

For 2 mornings in a row, Ashton has been back to her usual chipper self. I think the stopping of Netflix and popping in one long movie instead is working. At least for now. Of which I am so glad.

Ashton was very excited to be going to the Children's Museum and to celebrate Chinese New Year. I got her in her old qipao. She's definitely outgrown it, but it's all I have for her to wear as the rest are smaller. But with leggings, it didn't look too bad. Wish I had bought a lot more while in China.

Ashton was in the silliest of moods. We've had this panda for her since we were waiting to be matched. He's amazing, and he's very beloved. He's usually sitting by her window keeping guard. His name is Cream Cheese. Yeah, I know. But that is another story, for another time. Anyhow, Ashton was lowering her voice being her Panda. It was so adorable.

I finally got a few snapshots by the Chinese New Year decorations. We have more around the house, but this worked as we were about to go out the door.

Per Ashton's usual schedule, anytime she goes to the Children's Museum, the first stop is the carousel. She rode it twice. She was very happy.

We then stopped by the shadow puppet table. Ashton must have spent over half an hour coloring her rooster. She even cut out the feet herself. She was very careful and meticulous during the whole processes. She loved that the feet and tail moved, but was dismayed that the head did not.

When then did the red envelope with coins and then headed down to watch the dances.

Ashton got a chance after the show to hold the little blue dragon. Ashton couldn't wait, but when the little girl offered it to her, Ashton got really scared or shy and backed away behind our legs. So no dragon. What a pity. But maybe next year.

We then headed to see the China exhibit. She took a photo next to our pal. It's our typical stop every time we come. I remember when she was shorter than this statue.

Then she played around with the different items. She served "noodles" and played with "pandas" and practiced her Chinese characters.

She was getting hungry and it was nearing nap time. So we called it a day, after she saw the trains exhibit. So we headed home. Wish we could do more, but for her age, this was enough. Glad she was happy with it all.

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