Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Barely Up & On the Wrong Foot

So my girl doesn't sleep. But that's never stopped her from waking up and being my little bundle of sunshine each morning. And I never know how she does it. It's gotta be youth, because it confounds me.

I mentioned we just started a Netflix trial. Well, We showed Ashton how to use it, and it's been great. Instead of switching out movie after movie all night long, she can navigate between her shows at her will, and we have more free uninterrupted adult time. At least, that's the theory.

This morning, I tried to wake my girl. She wasn't having it. And sometimes it take more than one stir to wake my girl, but this was zombie-like. I was getting moans and retreating under the covers more.

I finally got her up, but it was awful. She kept putting her head on the bed while I had to proceed to dress her, rather her do it her self with a little assistance.

Then she just began crying saying she wasn't hungry. I mean ugly, wail, crying!

I told her to go to sleep. And she nodded her head, climbed into bed and promptly fell asleep.

I've never seen her like this. I just sat there drinking up my breakfast watching her sleep. It kind of through my morning off. We usually have breakfast together and I get her vitamins and help her put her dishes in the sink or washer, put toothpaste on her toothbrush, a whole routine for her while I squeeze in mine. With out that I was kind of lost. I did my stuff, but found I kept forgetting things here or there.

I wanted to be sure I didn't forget my lunch for work, so I put it on the couch, next to my purse, laid out my coat, got my banana snack, put it in my purse, got my cell phone, put it in my purse. All was ready.

I then proceed to do my hair and face. When I'm done I wake Ashton telling her it's time to go. Now she's hungry.

I grab a pop-tart to go. I go to grab my things and notice Kaida is eating my lunch! She went through my bag and pulled out my baggie of chicken and took it to the floor. She ripped a hole in the bag and ate over half my chicken! She was enjoying quite a fine breakfast!

Needless to say, lunch had to quickly be remade. And it proceeded to have us run a bit late. I warned daycare about her state of mind. That there was none. I was curious how her day would go.

When I picked her up I was told she was wire-y all day. She was very hyper when she came home. Usually she goes straight to Legos when we get home. But today she was popping in and out of everywhere. She even popped in to my workout, doing a few of my exercises.

She then disappeared upstairs. I assumed for her usually drawing or playing Legos. When my workout was done, I checked in on her. Lack of sleep must have really altered her mind. She was playing with dolls! My girl! Dolls! She told me they were "ordering at a restaurant". If I see her with dolls it's her superhero dolls and they're in a car being pushed around saving the day. She just needs dolls to sit in the car. Not to really play with. It's the car that is the focus.

I stood there watching her for a moment doing an actual girly thing and she was enjoying it! Wow!

She cleaned up before dinner and she was my normal Ashton. I talked to her a bit about that she can't stay up watching Netflix. She had to turn it off and get some sleep. She took a shower and climbed into bed and I got her first show ready. 

Of course through the night she got up for applesauce, or the batteries "dropped" out of her remote, etc. I finally told her I was going to bed myself, and she could watch TV, but needed to go to sleep and she couldn't do what she did the night before, else no more TV. (Which would be awful, because that means no rest for us and I'll have to be in her room all night until/if she falls asleep, which can be 1 or 2 in the morning.) She said she'd be good.

Maybe I'm putting to much faith in her, she's only 5, but it seems when I try multiple other things they don't work as well either, as I loose sleep in the process too. I hope she can man up and get some sleep.

So here I am ready to sleep myself, praying that all goes well and tomorrow morning I'll have my ray of sunshine.
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