Thursday, January 26, 2017

Another Bad Morning

Oh, so nipping this in the bud! She wouldn't wake up again today. I just let her sleep again. Hate this. No more unlimited Netflix. She can have it until bedtime. That's it.

But she was sweet when I picked her up from daycare. She was her usual crazy self.

She wasn't happy about the Netflix situation, but she understood. I tole her she could sleep to a movie. I hope this will work. A movie is much longer than these 22 minute episodes she's watching and changing. And she's seen these movies before, so maybe she'll fall asleep. We're going to try this tonight. Thing is I know if it does work, it's magic will only work for a few weeks if I'm lucky, then I'll need to find a new alternative. Sigh! It's so hard to keep ever changing her sleeping routine to get her to sleep. I wish something worked and it just always did. Oh, well. Small price to pay. Everything else is going fine. So I can't complain.

Ashton can now write her first, middle, and last name on her own. It's amazing! She was so proud! She couldn't wait to show her daddy! It's another milestone. 

Also, one of her daycare teachers is in the hospital after a heart attack. Ashton was insistent on drawing her a picture. She asked me how to spell her name so she could address it to her. It was very sweet! She drew her the daycare house and all kids with green cards. There were rainbows too. She even drew the chair she always sits in. I love her eye for detail. My little artist.

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