Saturday, January 21, 2017

5 Minute Dress Up

Ashton couldn't wait to show me her latest artwork. She's on a huge artwork kick right now. She'll draw about 10 drawing s a day and color. But about 1 or 2 are really special. not just more cars or police cars or race cars or spaceships. Some are different or colorful or whatever to stand out. 

Today she drew our dogs for the first time.

Khaleesi is on top with Kiara on the left, followed by Kaida, then Amadeus. Then there is our family and I think Miss S from Finland with us.

She would run over to our dogs, study them and then run back and start drawing. It was super cute, her process. The dots outside the green circle on Khaleesi are her spots on her belly. And the back becomes a tip because that's the tail.

It'd be nice to add Peyton and Drusilla, but Ashton said that drawing cats were too hard. We'll see when she accomplishes that next feat.

Saturdays in our house is a slow start morning. So I let Ashton run around in her pjs for a bit and we get going later in the morning than we typically do during the weekdays. Today was no exception. 

I finally told Ashton it was time to get dressed and we go to her room and she's running about her room with her tauntaun making sounds.

It's moments like today when she is so adorable! That's my girl! I'm glad she still loves her tauntaun on a stick. He's pretty impressive.

As I was going through what to put her in for the day, I saw in the back of her closet a costume I bought while waiting to be matched. I personally loved dress up as a kid and love the 1700s dresses. I just eat it up. I brought it out to Ashton asking if she wanted to play dress up. "No." And she proceeded to play with her tauntaun. I asked if she'd wear it and we'd play tea together or something. She brought the tea up but didn't want to wear the "Cindrella dress" she called it. So NOT a Cinderella dress. I told her it wasn't Dinsey it was period. But that just got her to tease me all the more. I asked for a few pictures to amuse me. She said fine. I got her in it for no more than 5 minutes. "It's itchy" she kept telling me. But she took the photos. I thought she looked just lovely.

I didn't want to force her to be what she wasn't. But I thought 5 minutes couldn't hurt. And sometimes the things she protests most against she ends up loving the most if she gives them a chance. Not this. I put it back in the closet. Maybe I need to dress up too next time? Maybe then it'd be fun for her? 

We played a lot of board games, card games, and dice today. Just family time. And we finally watched the "Muppets Christmas Carol". Sounds silly, I know, so past Christmas time. However, we were trying to get Ashton to watch it over the holidays, but found we only had it on VHS. We thought we had it on DVD. Nope. But we found it today, while streaming. So we watched it together. Ashton kept hearing about Scrooge from our "Christmas Game" we play every year and wanted to know who he was. So we thought this would answer it for her. She liked the movie!

It was so nice having AShton snuggle with us and the pups. Amadeus kept going under the covers, and Kiara lays on the floor outta sight, so I just got Khaleesi and Kaida. But again, great moments today!

I must get this one on DVD. I think it'll be great to add to our Christmas collection.

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