Sunday, January 29, 2017

Drawing Pua

Ashton has exploded as far as drawings go. She must draw about 20 things a day. And about half we keep. And about one tenth I take photos of and post about. I wish I could do them all, but she's very inventive and excited about each one.

Today she drew Pua, her beloved pig. It's adorable! Yes, she still drew rockets, cars, and the like, but that she had a "model" and drew it from it, that was a first. Very awesome! Love her creativity.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Celebrating Year of the Rooster

For 2 mornings in a row, Ashton has been back to her usual chipper self. I think the stopping of Netflix and popping in one long movie instead is working. At least for now. Of which I am so glad.

Ashton was very excited to be going to the Children's Museum and to celebrate Chinese New Year. I got her in her old qipao. She's definitely outgrown it, but it's all I have for her to wear as the rest are smaller. But with leggings, it didn't look too bad. Wish I had bought a lot more while in China.

Ashton was in the silliest of moods. We've had this panda for her since we were waiting to be matched. He's amazing, and he's very beloved. He's usually sitting by her window keeping guard. His name is Cream Cheese. Yeah, I know. But that is another story, for another time. Anyhow, Ashton was lowering her voice being her Panda. It was so adorable.

I finally got a few snapshots by the Chinese New Year decorations. We have more around the house, but this worked as we were about to go out the door.

Per Ashton's usual schedule, anytime she goes to the Children's Museum, the first stop is the carousel. She rode it twice. She was very happy.

We then stopped by the shadow puppet table. Ashton must have spent over half an hour coloring her rooster. She even cut out the feet herself. She was very careful and meticulous during the whole processes. She loved that the feet and tail moved, but was dismayed that the head did not.

When then did the red envelope with coins and then headed down to watch the dances.

Ashton got a chance after the show to hold the little blue dragon. Ashton couldn't wait, but when the little girl offered it to her, Ashton got really scared or shy and backed away behind our legs. So no dragon. What a pity. But maybe next year.

We then headed to see the China exhibit. She took a photo next to our pal. It's our typical stop every time we come. I remember when she was shorter than this statue.

Then she played around with the different items. She served "noodles" and played with "pandas" and practiced her Chinese characters.

She was getting hungry and it was nearing nap time. So we called it a day, after she saw the trains exhibit. So we headed home. Wish we could do more, but for her age, this was enough. Glad she was happy with it all.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Another Bad Morning

Oh, so nipping this in the bud! She wouldn't wake up again today. I just let her sleep again. Hate this. No more unlimited Netflix. She can have it until bedtime. That's it.

But she was sweet when I picked her up from daycare. She was her usual crazy self.

She wasn't happy about the Netflix situation, but she understood. I tole her she could sleep to a movie. I hope this will work. A movie is much longer than these 22 minute episodes she's watching and changing. And she's seen these movies before, so maybe she'll fall asleep. We're going to try this tonight. Thing is I know if it does work, it's magic will only work for a few weeks if I'm lucky, then I'll need to find a new alternative. Sigh! It's so hard to keep ever changing her sleeping routine to get her to sleep. I wish something worked and it just always did. Oh, well. Small price to pay. Everything else is going fine. So I can't complain.

Ashton can now write her first, middle, and last name on her own. It's amazing! She was so proud! She couldn't wait to show her daddy! It's another milestone. 

Also, one of her daycare teachers is in the hospital after a heart attack. Ashton was insistent on drawing her a picture. She asked me how to spell her name so she could address it to her. It was very sweet! She drew her the daycare house and all kids with green cards. There were rainbows too. She even drew the chair she always sits in. I love her eye for detail. My little artist.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Barely Up & On the Wrong Foot

So my girl doesn't sleep. But that's never stopped her from waking up and being my little bundle of sunshine each morning. And I never know how she does it. It's gotta be youth, because it confounds me.

I mentioned we just started a Netflix trial. Well, We showed Ashton how to use it, and it's been great. Instead of switching out movie after movie all night long, she can navigate between her shows at her will, and we have more free uninterrupted adult time. At least, that's the theory.

This morning, I tried to wake my girl. She wasn't having it. And sometimes it take more than one stir to wake my girl, but this was zombie-like. I was getting moans and retreating under the covers more.

I finally got her up, but it was awful. She kept putting her head on the bed while I had to proceed to dress her, rather her do it her self with a little assistance.

Then she just began crying saying she wasn't hungry. I mean ugly, wail, crying!

I told her to go to sleep. And she nodded her head, climbed into bed and promptly fell asleep.

I've never seen her like this. I just sat there drinking up my breakfast watching her sleep. It kind of through my morning off. We usually have breakfast together and I get her vitamins and help her put her dishes in the sink or washer, put toothpaste on her toothbrush, a whole routine for her while I squeeze in mine. With out that I was kind of lost. I did my stuff, but found I kept forgetting things here or there.

I wanted to be sure I didn't forget my lunch for work, so I put it on the couch, next to my purse, laid out my coat, got my banana snack, put it in my purse, got my cell phone, put it in my purse. All was ready.

I then proceed to do my hair and face. When I'm done I wake Ashton telling her it's time to go. Now she's hungry.

I grab a pop-tart to go. I go to grab my things and notice Kaida is eating my lunch! She went through my bag and pulled out my baggie of chicken and took it to the floor. She ripped a hole in the bag and ate over half my chicken! She was enjoying quite a fine breakfast!

Needless to say, lunch had to quickly be remade. And it proceeded to have us run a bit late. I warned daycare about her state of mind. That there was none. I was curious how her day would go.

When I picked her up I was told she was wire-y all day. She was very hyper when she came home. Usually she goes straight to Legos when we get home. But today she was popping in and out of everywhere. She even popped in to my workout, doing a few of my exercises.

She then disappeared upstairs. I assumed for her usually drawing or playing Legos. When my workout was done, I checked in on her. Lack of sleep must have really altered her mind. She was playing with dolls! My girl! Dolls! She told me they were "ordering at a restaurant". If I see her with dolls it's her superhero dolls and they're in a car being pushed around saving the day. She just needs dolls to sit in the car. Not to really play with. It's the car that is the focus.

I stood there watching her for a moment doing an actual girly thing and she was enjoying it! Wow!

She cleaned up before dinner and she was my normal Ashton. I talked to her a bit about that she can't stay up watching Netflix. She had to turn it off and get some sleep. She took a shower and climbed into bed and I got her first show ready. 

Of course through the night she got up for applesauce, or the batteries "dropped" out of her remote, etc. I finally told her I was going to bed myself, and she could watch TV, but needed to go to sleep and she couldn't do what she did the night before, else no more TV. (Which would be awful, because that means no rest for us and I'll have to be in her room all night until/if she falls asleep, which can be 1 or 2 in the morning.) She said she'd be good.

Maybe I'm putting to much faith in her, she's only 5, but it seems when I try multiple other things they don't work as well either, as I loose sleep in the process too. I hope she can man up and get some sleep.

So here I am ready to sleep myself, praying that all goes well and tomorrow morning I'll have my ray of sunshine.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just a Little Love

Sometimes it's just a bit of cuddle time, stories, and being with one another. I love how affectionate my girl is. And she puts up with photos of herself a lot. I think she's so photogenic.

We're currently just started a Netflix free trial. She's enjoying all the kids shows at her fingertips. It's been Tinkerbell movies and Lego movies so far. She's having a blast. I myself just started a couple of TV series to watch with my hubby. Just need to find the time.

We also bookmarked a few family shows to watch together that we think we all would enjoy.  As we don't have cable, this is a nice change of pace.

We have our Chinese New Year decorations up, finally. Ashton is thrilled. She loves seeing them up. I wish we had more, but the few we have work out fine. I'll have to take her photo by them this year.
I don't think I have any Chinese outfits left for her to wear, unless she can still wear her old ones. They were so cheap in China and so expensive here. I should have bought one for every year!

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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Today we woke up to Ashton having several drawings for us again. One of her most impressive was her colorful fairies drawing. She has the movie "The Pirate Fairy" I bought her a couple years ago. She never really cared for it. Well, the past few days she's really into it. So much so, she's drawn the characters. I love seeing their fairy wings and all the colors. She really gets into explaining it and saying who is who, what they're doing, and something about a power source... it's in the bottom corner.

After church we ran some errands and then came home and Skyped with our friends from Finland. Tomorrow will be Miss S's 7th birthday! So over Skype we watched her open up our birthday gift to her. She loved it. The girls kept showing off to one another and Mr. S even tried to say "hi" in English to us. It was great! I'm so glad the girls have this bond even though they are miles and miles away from each other!

Ashton goes through phases where she's really into something. Well, yesterday she rediscovered Pinky. The pink, soft, rabbit lovie I sent her to China. She asked a few questions about him, and decided he'd be her constant companion with her this weekend.

He rode with us to church and when we came home Ashton helped me carry blankets downstairs to be washed. Well she didn't tell me Pinky was helping. And he got in the wash and got in with the fabric soften which just made him all yucky. He just didn't feel the same. We dried him up, and he just had that reside on his fur. Ashton was so distraught. 

I decided to wash him again, alone, with no fabric softener. He seemed to come out better, so I put him in the dryer on low.

While that was going on, Ashton decided she wanted to be a big girl today and instead of having a bath wanted to try out her shower. I turned it on. Oh, was she so scared. She nearly fell out of the tub trying to climb out and got tangled in the shower curtain. I calmed her down and showed her that she shower sprayed the from of the tub and she could be safe and dry in the back and go and test it to her preference. I took a couple minutes of convincing, but then I heard her say, "I love showers" and she was laughing saying the water "tickled" and loved being a big girl. 

After the shower she put on her bathrobe and I was getting "The Pirate Fairy" movie ready for bedtime. I told her to drab her pjs. She didn't want to. She wanted to sleep in her robe inside her tauntaun sleeping bag. I said fine, as long as she went to sleep. She was so happy. I had to take a photo! She is rarely happy right before bed. Bedtime is a hard time for my girl.

I then went downstairs and the dryer was done. I checked on Pinky. He was good as new! I ran him upstairs to Ashton. She was thrilled. She snuggled with him watching her movie in her bathrobe.

It's always the little things that make things amazing, good, happy... I'm glad all is right with our little corner of the world right now!
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

5 Minute Dress Up

Ashton couldn't wait to show me her latest artwork. She's on a huge artwork kick right now. She'll draw about 10 drawing s a day and color. But about 1 or 2 are really special. not just more cars or police cars or race cars or spaceships. Some are different or colorful or whatever to stand out. 

Today she drew our dogs for the first time.

Khaleesi is on top with Kiara on the left, followed by Kaida, then Amadeus. Then there is our family and I think Miss S from Finland with us.

She would run over to our dogs, study them and then run back and start drawing. It was super cute, her process. The dots outside the green circle on Khaleesi are her spots on her belly. And the back becomes a tip because that's the tail.

It'd be nice to add Peyton and Drusilla, but Ashton said that drawing cats were too hard. We'll see when she accomplishes that next feat.

Saturdays in our house is a slow start morning. So I let Ashton run around in her pjs for a bit and we get going later in the morning than we typically do during the weekdays. Today was no exception. 

I finally told Ashton it was time to get dressed and we go to her room and she's running about her room with her tauntaun making sounds.

It's moments like today when she is so adorable! That's my girl! I'm glad she still loves her tauntaun on a stick. He's pretty impressive.

As I was going through what to put her in for the day, I saw in the back of her closet a costume I bought while waiting to be matched. I personally loved dress up as a kid and love the 1700s dresses. I just eat it up. I brought it out to Ashton asking if she wanted to play dress up. "No." And she proceeded to play with her tauntaun. I asked if she'd wear it and we'd play tea together or something. She brought the tea up but didn't want to wear the "Cindrella dress" she called it. So NOT a Cinderella dress. I told her it wasn't Dinsey it was period. But that just got her to tease me all the more. I asked for a few pictures to amuse me. She said fine. I got her in it for no more than 5 minutes. "It's itchy" she kept telling me. But she took the photos. I thought she looked just lovely.

I didn't want to force her to be what she wasn't. But I thought 5 minutes couldn't hurt. And sometimes the things she protests most against she ends up loving the most if she gives them a chance. Not this. I put it back in the closet. Maybe I need to dress up too next time? Maybe then it'd be fun for her? 

We played a lot of board games, card games, and dice today. Just family time. And we finally watched the "Muppets Christmas Carol". Sounds silly, I know, so past Christmas time. However, we were trying to get Ashton to watch it over the holidays, but found we only had it on VHS. We thought we had it on DVD. Nope. But we found it today, while streaming. So we watched it together. Ashton kept hearing about Scrooge from our "Christmas Game" we play every year and wanted to know who he was. So we thought this would answer it for her. She liked the movie!

It was so nice having AShton snuggle with us and the pups. Amadeus kept going under the covers, and Kiara lays on the floor outta sight, so I just got Khaleesi and Kaida. But again, great moments today!

I must get this one on DVD. I think it'll be great to add to our Christmas collection.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fox Art

In the past, Ashton will come up to me with pen and paper in had asking what to draw. I usually tell her to draw a fox or tauntaun. She always replies, "I don't know how." And then she'll draw a spaceship or police car, her standard drawings.

Well, today during Sunday school, Ashton came back excited to show us a fox she drew! We were very impressed! She finally drew her first fox, and without looking at any foxes! What a great job! We may have an artist in the making!

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