Friday, July 7, 2017

Wedding Renewal on the Beach

So Ashton was very angry that she wasn't invited to our wedding. Didn't matter that she wasn't born. So I thought about our big anniversary coming up and thought since I didn't get a beach wedding what if we did a vow renewal on our anniversary on the beach?

She was thrilled with the idea. So we planned our vacation around this. 

We got up early for these shots. 

It was crazy. And these are only the teaser photos. We haven't gotten them back yet. But we're very excited about the moment captured. We thought about staying and having a beach day, but we were in wet clothes, there were sand fleas, it just didn't feel good. So we headed back to enjoy the pool.

Then my husband took me to Bull and Bear for dinner. It was very posh! A good friend of ours that lived in town was sweet enough to watch Ashton at the hotel. 

Loved how their menu was sitting on a stand made of pots and pans.

Their menu was digital and you cold see photos of every dish.

We had a great corner table with windows on both sides.

We had our server, we had the room manager, and we had the restaurant manager. We were very well taken care of.

Our salad was made right in front of us. It was fun to watch.

But the best part was dessert. I ordered The Lemon and my hubby got The Cigar.

Back at the hotel  I came to this! I was told Ashton knew it was a hear after 3 petals were placed on the bed. She really wanted the chocolate, but didn't partake and waited til we came back asking if she could have some.

We even got slippers! And being cheese-aholic, there was a great cheese spread waiting for us.

And this was Ashton's night! Lots of Lego building time. All in all I'd say we both had a good time.

What was great was catching up with my dear friend I haven't seen in so long and talking the night away with Ashton and my hubby.

It was a great anniversary! And I'm so glad we were to include Ashton in our vow renewal. It was a long day, but very blessed day.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mermaid School

Today was one of our favorite days. Just lounge by the pool day. No plans, just relax. Well, while we were there there was a class to learn to be a mermaid. But only swimmers could take the class. Ashton can't swim. So we didn't sign up for the class. However, the owner of the mermaid tails and class saw Ashton and allowed her to join, while wearing her swimmer vest. She couldn't do any of the "underwater" stuff, but they'd modify for her. She was thrilled.

It was a class of 5 girls and Ashton was the youngest. And I think cutest. But I'm biased. They learned to put on and stand on the tails, how to swim, how to turn, then started doing tricks, like go through hoops and swim below and get treasure.

When they scattered the "treasure" for the mermaids to find, Ashton's treasure was on the steps to get. But even then, with the floatees, it was hard for her to get the treasure, she needed a bit of help.

Ashton in her usual style made friends and she loved taking turns showing off their mermaid "tricks".

It was a pretty long class. I stood under the shade, but as I wasn't applying sunscreen every half an hour, I got a bit sun burned. Wish I thought to have brought it with me to class, but I left it on the other side of the pools with our chairs and towels, etc. I didn't know the class would be and hour and a half. I was thinking 30 minutes.

Of course after the class they return the tails. Ashton loved the tail and I caved and bought her her own tail - which she swam in all day!

She make a beautiful mermaid.

She was so fun to watch. We loved swimming around together. It was a great lazy day just hanging by the pool. We need more days like this together.

She makes an amazing mermaid and I hope we can make the most of her tail back home. But it was just to fun to pass up!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Day at Legoland

Thought a day at Legoland with 2 Lego enthusiasts would be a good day. We weren't sure what to expect of the park. It's definitely geared towards younger kids.

Ashton loved all the Lego statues all over the park. She'd run up to get her picture taken with almost each and every one of them.

The park did have a carousel ride, which of course we had to go on. It was neat because it was a 2 story ride, but there was no music, and they made you take off your hat and sunglasses so they didn't fall off. We found out they did this for every ride.

We did the beetle drop ride behind the camel. Ashton really didn't care much for that ride. But she loved the laser gun ride next door!

Of course the Star Wars build outs were a hit. Fun to see.

Ashton loved the car.

Ashton was scared to go on a roller coaster and we had to walk back off after getting next in line to get on the ride. But we talked her into it, after bribing her with a coke. She ended up riding that ride 3 more times! We're glad we opened her up to more rides, else it would have been the carousel and that's about it.

Ashton went back to the hotel with a couple of Lego sets. She was thrilled.

But we spent the night in the pool and hot tub. Ashton loved the hot tub, which surprised me.

It was a relaxing way to unwind from the hot and hectic time during Legoland.

Legoland was nice to see once, but I don't think I'd go back. Just too overpriced for what you got, and really meant for the young kids. Perfect for Ashton right now, though as short as she is she just made it over the limit to ride most of the rides.

Once back to our room after the hot tub, Ashton of course was building with her newest Legos. She even made a pagoda. It's fun to watch her build, she has such excitement.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July in Paradise

So we drove all morning and came to our destination early afternoon! Yay!

The lobby was beautiful. They had am amazing fountain right when you walking in the front doors.

We checked into our room, and this was our view from the balcony! We were so excited. And Ashton wasted no time changing into her swimsuit.

Today only, as a July 4th special, they had an inflatable slide. There are no slides to any of the pools, so this would be the only slide on this day. So we headed there first.

Ashton waited in line a long time. She went down the slide no problem. When she came out she told me she nearly drowned at the bottom and didn't want to do it again. Drown? Yeah, right. But fine. We took to the pools.

Storms kept rolling in and out all day. So we'd be in the pools then have to evacuate the pools then allowed to get back in, then out... But we enjoyed our times in.

Here we are on our patio looking out at the storm when the pools were evacuated. It was just great to stand out there and watch. Ashton isn't scared of heights and would put her arms out between the bars or her feet, and give me a panic attack!

We staked out the perfect spot for fireworks and sat on a bench an hour ahead of time. Ashton was very bored and didn't appreciate the "down time". But I loved the sun setting reflected on her face and tried to capture it, but she wasn't for that either. It was either pout or cheesen', nothing serene. Best I got were these.

We were seated right in from of the fire pit. Not too close to really feel it, but enough for ambiance.

Ashton can't just sit, so she was up and down from the bench, and the fire pit. The fireworks were great.

After the fireworks we went to our room to our balcony. There were fireworks from other locations in all directions. It was amazing and beautiful to watch! We loved it.

It was a great 4th of July! Wish we could do this every year!

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