Sunday, December 4, 2016

Violin Holiday Recital

Today was Ashton's violin recital. We knew she'd be very nervous. She always is. She does so well during practice. Doesn't need help. But during the performances, she freezes and usually needs us up there with her. So we did our best to encourage her.

When we arrived she was so nervous. We were lucky she greeted Mrs. J. She wouldn't even hug Uncle J or LauLau. She was a wreck.

Her daddy had to be with her the entire time. She was barely playing. She just gets stage freight I guess. She wouldn't even jingle the bells. She needed her daddy there holding her and they rang it together. It was hard to watch. I felt badly for her, but also, when she wasn't playing, she was kicking, and blowing bubbles, behaving badly. 

Thought she performed badly and had a major meltdown, we told her that she got all green cards all week. So she still got to see Santa today. But nothing else, no Yule slide or carousel. It was okay to be scared, but not okay to get whiny and mean.

With Santa 2016
Last year with Santa she got to do it all and had a blast. Though she only got Santa this time, she was very good about it and didn't whine to do the other things. She remained very good. Hopefully, this is just a sign that she's learning and she just has to master her performance anxiety.

With Santa 2015

With Santa 2014
I am glad we saw Santa, and I do love the photos they take with her every year.

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