Thursday, December 1, 2016

Truth in the Tinsel (Year Three) - Day 1: Light

This year we got Ashton's tree up and bow topper. however, half of the lights won't light. We're still not sure if it's a short or something wrong with a plug. As other lights have gone out, but doesn't cause the strand to.

We've had the advent calendar up for some time, and Ashton has been anxious to start it. Finally, today is the day! Before breakfast, we went to the calendar and she was ready to velcro Mary up on the board.

She first started putting her outside, and I mentioned that maybe she'd want her in the stable looking over Jesus. She decided that might be better.

Then it was off to daycare. On our return, we quickly did our first day of Truth in the Tinsel. Unlike our previous 2 years of just coloring ornament paper, we are doing crafts.

Now, yes I'm a crafty personality. But I have no crafts in my house. I had to go to Michael's to get everything, from glue to construction paper to bells to pipe cleaners. And they all came in bigger quantities than I needed or expected. So I really hope that by doing these verses and crafts, that God's word is sinking in that brain of hers. She's been eager to do this. Let's hope all the hype has been worth it.

Today was light. Again, I say we rushed through this, because tonight my husband and I actually had a date! A dinner and a musical! My babysitter was already here and I was trying to get Ashotn to make the light and explain how Jesus was our light. I had her close her eyes and talk about light and dark and she kept telling me she preferred the dark. Yeah, right! This girl sleeps with the lights on. She just likes to push my buttons.

Anyhow, she picked the tissue color and I helped cut out the inside of the candle template. As her tree isn't fully lit, and I had a dinner to get ready for, we didn't bother hanging it on the tree just yet. And Ashton wanted to play with Uncle J, the babysitter, so she was just in a rush as I was.

 I was only able to manage 1 photo. Luckily she was smiling and eyes open. She's usually a blur, crazy expression with eyes closed. I have to go through many photos typically to get a decent one.

Then I went upstairs to prep for our night out on the town. Of course I had to take a selfie for posterity's sake to commemorate this moment. We so rarely get to go out alone.

Ashton was awake when we got home, but luckily was in bed just waiting for us to return. I gave my girl some snuggles and was ready to crash. Man, is it really December already?

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