Monday, December 26, 2016

The Hatching of a Draggle Hatchimal

Santa brought Ashton a Hatchimal for Christmas. Ashton has an obsession with eggs. She loves watching YouTube videos with surprise eggs. And her Rosie and Rosie 2.0 were a hit. So getting a Hatchimal from Santa seemed right up her alley.

With so much going on yesterday there was no time to get her Draggle egg to hatch. But today we do.

Ashton got a blue & green Draggle egg meaning the Hatchimal could be blue or green.

It would coo and tap back when she tapped and it was very interactive. Ashton had to learn to rock it and "burp" it and all sorts of things while waiting for it to hatch. It was quite an adventure. It didn't take too long to wait for it to hatch, maybe 20 minutes of so of continual play with the egg, but the hatching took a long time. That was quite a proces. Ashton would watch the egg so intently to hatch she'd stop interacting and the Hatchimal would fall asleep and snore. 

She decided she wanted to name the Draggle Arwen after our Chihuahua that passed earlier this year. We thought it was a good fit. Ashton was surprised that she could dance, sing, and flap her wings. She loved that they cold interact together.

She immediately wanted to take  her on her skateboard, and they rolled around together. When it was dinner time she wanted her by her at the table and it took us awhile to figure out there was an off button as she kept dancing about. 

Arwen is adorable! I think these two will have many adventures together.

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