Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Day of Christmas

Ashton did not sleep well last night. Funny. I thought with it being Christmas Eve and awaiting Santa to come she'd go right to sleep. But no, there was crying and it took forever for Ashton to fall asleep.

That of course didn't help me being sick. By Christmas morning, I was a bit better, but still under the weather. But this time I wasn't going to miss anything.

Ashton and we went down to eat breakfast and Ashton could see her filled stocking. But she wasn't allowed to touch until after breakfast. Instead of prayers we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. She still ate slow! She was so excited to see that Santa remembered to bring her some chocolate and super hero hot wheels cars.

Then it was presents. I don't want to focus too much on this aspect as Christmas is about family, togetherness, and the reason for the season, not presents. But there were a few key ones that Ashton flipped about.

She finally got her skateboard. Ashton was thrilled. She was ready to use it all about the house. We told her she wasn't allowed to use it except to sit on it. But we did get a photo of her standing on it once.

Then she got a great surprise from Santa. A HUGE Tauntaun sleeping bag. She can't wait to put it on her bed, but I truly think it's bigger than her beg. It's amazing and very warm. 

Ashton doesn't play dress up, but one girly thing she did ask for was Wonder Woman bracelets. And she got them. She was very thrilled as these had sound effects. Very cool for this tom boy. And what a thing to share with this Mama who grew up loving Wonder Woman.

We skyped with family and then Uncle J and LauLau came over and we went to Aunt D's for a Christmas lunch. I was able to socialize a bit then crash pretty much after. I was on the couch asleep. I hate being unwell during the holidays. But at least I got to spend time with the family.

I was even well enough after my nap to come home and play the Christmas game with my family before knocking myself out again. I'm so grateful for my family, and everyone able to spend it together for Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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