Friday, December 9, 2016

Santa Paws

The holidays is the time of year you usually miss your family the most. For us this year, we miss our 3 dogs that have passed this year. But one thing I really miss is Arwen being Santa Paws!

This time of year, Chihuahuas get really cold. They don't really have thick lush coats, unless they're a long hair. So all our chis spend most of their time upstairs snuggled in blankets, or on a heating pad, or wearing sweaters to keep warm.

We used to put Arwen in this really soft cute Santa Paws dress. She looked fantastic, and I swear it was like she always had a jolly step knowing she was cute, sassy, and warm. She never minded wearing sweaters. She actually seemed to prefer it time to time as it did keep her warm, and she knew that. And she always had very thin fur, even for a chihuahua.

Well, we always said we hoped Kaida would be Arwen's size to wear her stuff. We'd hate to have no use for these cute sweaters. And the Santa Paws dress is one of the most beloved outfits.

So Kaida, who NEVER has worn anything before, I tried to put her in it last night. Unlike calm Arwen who help push her head through and snuggled in, I had Kaida wondering what I was doing. I kept talking in a clam voice and knew this was new to her. But on the second or second and a half try, I got the dress on her.

Kaida was not happy. I gave her treats as a reward right away. She didn't take it, she went under the bed immediately.

But when I put out her food in her food bowl, she came out to eat. And she didn't scratch at the dress or tear at it. She just seemed confused, even gave me the stink eye. Which you can see here.

But she wore it all night, with no complaint. Just seemed off as she wasn't sure what this all meant. We took it off her before bed. I don't know if she'll be a sweater chi or not, but she defiantly didn't take to it like Ami or Arwen did first off. But who knows, maybe she'll warm up to it. But if nothing else, it was nice to see her in it. It was sorta a tradition for Arwen to wear the dress most days in December. So it did my heart good to see it and feel like Arwen was prancing about.

Luckily, Ashton never saw it. I think she'd want to cuddle or get in Kaida's face. We did this when it was Ashton's bedtime, when things were calmer around the house. We'll try again either tonight or sometime this weekend. Hopefully, she'll take to it. She's definitely cute enough. But if nothing else, at least I got the one photo, sort of an homage to Arwen.

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