Friday, December 16, 2016


After work we had to do several errands. So we left home almost immediately after work. We were in the Disney store getting our godson a present, when Ashton discovered Pua the pig. Usually she's eyeing Star Wars, which she did, the princess stuff never interests her, but then she saw this big faced, floppy-eared pig and was in love. His head was way bigger than hers. I swear he was life-sized. And she just squeezed him and carried him around saying how much she loved him. She hadn't even seen "Moana" the cartoon he was from.

I wasn't going to get him, until I found out that all Moana toys were 20% percent off. So I told her he was hers. Well, I go up to the register to pay and found out that he isn't a toy, he is a plush, so he is not for sale. I felt jipped. I asked if there was anything the sales person could do, and they said no. They asked me if I would rather get the small plush that was available for half the cost. No, the giant floppy eared one was adorable, I didn't want the small one that fit in her hand, not even a quarter of the size of this one. I didn't want to go back on my word to my daughter, but I didn't want to pay that price. But she seemed so attached to it and it wasn't a lego or a car, which is a big deal, so I bought it.

I even called back to the store and talked to the manager about the situation to see if there was anything they could do, all she did was apologize and stand by the fact that a toy was not a plush.

I then checked showtimes for the movie, and one was starting soon. So on a whim, we decided to watch "Moana" and Ashton took Pua with her. It was incredibly cute! The movie was almost sold out. They only had a few seats in the very front row left. We took them.

Ashton and Pua sat between us. Luckily the seat was wide enough for the both of them. 

The movie was really good, but Pua was only a bit in the beginning and barely in the end. Not enough Pua, if you ask me. And he was great and adorable!

Ashton adores her new pig and is sleeping with him in her arms in bed. She said she wants to take him to Grandma's tomorrow during Christmas. Why not? I think he'll be a hit.

In fact, Ashton asked that we call her Miss Piggy, as she is Pua's mama. And she kept making the cutest pig noises all night. I'll have to get that captured someday soon!

Again because of the movie we had no time for Truth in the Tinsel. I feel a bit guilty, but it was great to have some family time together having fun. We hardly ever go to the movies, so it was a great treat. We'll just pile up the Tinsel ornaments tomorrow.

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