Saturday, December 10, 2016

Playing in the Snow

At this age, it's amazing how much a little snow can light up a girl's world! Last night, Asthon was saddened that all the snow, what little we got, melted from the sun yesterday. However, the snow on our back porch was still there. She begged to play in it, but as the sun was set, it gets dark so early by the time we get home, we didn't think it a good idea.

So we told her she could play first thing the next morning. And of course, she did. She put on her hat and gloves, wore her matching sweater and got on her snow boots and coat and proceeded to play outside all on her own.

She was grinning ear to ear. And she make lots of "snowballs". She must had been out about half and hour or a bit longer. I was surprised how much just a dusting of snow could entertain a child for so long.

Then my little piggy wanted in. She finally gotten cold enough. But she was so happy go have gotten to play in the snow.

I'm not a snow person, but for her sake I hope we get more then that for her to play with over a weekend soon.
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