Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More than a Dusting of Snow

Today it snowed for several hours, giving us a couple inches of snow. I'm not a snow fan, but my daughter is. I rushed her home best I could, after work, to beat the setting sun and impending darkness and chill factor so she could play in the snow. Ashton was so excited!

Not a minute into playing, Ashton asked me if it was okay to make a snow angel. I said yes. And she plopped down and started right away.

Not long after she was shoveling snow. She was taking snow from the sidewalk, the yard, anywhere and just flinging it about to her delight. She was only out for about half an hour. Then it got really cold and dark.

Ashton warmed up promptly with some hot cocoa.She was an icy mess, but thawed out just fine.

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