Sunday, December 11, 2016

Day 11: Jesus' Name

This one was a really fun one for Ashton, We talked about Jesus' name and meaning and then our own. She just thought it was all funny that names meant something. She was then asking the meaning behind everyone's names, and I just didn't know.

We don't subscribe to any magazines. So I had no old ones to go through for this project. But as it's the season of getting lots of advertisements, we had small catalogs and coupons to go through that we could identify the letter together and she and I cut out for her ornament. She loved spotting the letters. She was able to cut a few out, but usually clipped them and needed my refinement on cutting around a bit better, but she like to cut up to that point.

She also glued on each piece by herself. She knew how to get them to touch but not overlap. Now and then I had to help center them on the stick as they may have been to low or high, but that was all. It was all her.

We had 3 ribbon colors for her to choose from, pearl white, coppery gold, or silver. Ashton wanted silver. So she helped cut and tape it to the back of the stick. Her ornament complete.

She is really loving Truth and the Tinsel this year. She always asks what we're doing today and what's planned tomorrow. She always wants to be sure we fit it in right after dinner. It's a great incentive to get her to eat faster and clean her plate.

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