Saturday, December 17, 2016

Grandma's Annual Christmas Day

I got Ashton all decked out in her Christmas best for Christmas at Grandma's house. She even brought her Pua. And Pua was a hit among the great-grandchildren. Especially the youngest, Mr. L kept running off with him.

Every year we go to Grandmas' and have Christmas lunch and then get a gift from $10-$20 for the white elephant gift exchange. The kids don't get these presents and usually get a small gift from their grandparents to play with and stay entertained. This year they had a few Shopkins to play with and board games.

However, this year, each of the granddaughters wanted to help pick the white elephant gifts that were wrapped under the tree. So they passed out and helped unwrap everyone gifts.

But one of the best gifts was we learned that Mr. L will become a big brother in August! Miss E and Mr L will be getting a sibling next year! My grandma will have 7 great grand kids next year!

Everyone had fun, but by the end of the day both Ashton and I were beginning to feel queasy. I felt worse in the car. I went straight to bed.

Come to find out both Ashton and I got some kind of stomach bug. Ashton is throwing up while I'm nauseous and down with a headache. I feel sorry for my husband, who is trying to avoid getting what we have. Luckily, we were able to enjoy Christmas at Grandma's before this struck. However, there goes Truth in the Tinsel again today! Hope to catch up on that soon, but life happens. Or rather sick happens. Hope it doesn't last long.

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