Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Gift Exchange & a Pig wearing Monkeys

Today at daycare was the gift exchange. Ashton had to get a toy for a girl. So we did and it was wrapped. Ashton was very excited about the gift exchange at daycare. She got a girl gift from someone and she came back with maybe not the biggest, but the tallest gift.

She got 6 mini dolls. I told her she couldn't loose their tiny shoes or our dogs would eat them. She had them sit and watch us do our Truth in the Tinsel projects.

Ashton also came back with a Christmas card for us. She put on the stickers at the top and signed the inside.

This is a picture from her last week with Santa, when he came to visit. I love her "e" in "love".

At the end of the night when I got Ashton all tucked in for bed, she told me Pua her pig was cold and wanted to wear jammies too. I went through her pj drawer and pulled out her Mulan nightgown. There was no way I could get it over his giant head, and his feet and bottom were too wide to slide it up from below. So I thought about just pj pant bottoms, but knew that wouldn't be the right feel. Then I thought to try one of her onesies. It sorta worked. I could get it on all 4 legs, but couldn't zip it up. Regardless, he was sorta cute, and more importantly she was beaming from ear to ear. She was so excited Pua was in jammies like her.

Ashton had him snuggle up with her during her bedtime movie. They were so cute together. HE takes up a lot of room on her bed, but so do the other stuffed toys. But he's definitely the biggest.

Then as I went downstairs I took a "selfie" of Khaleesi. And she actually winked for the photo. How about that?

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