Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day 13: Bethlehem

My little girl was busy at work with her town of Bethlehem project. Having paint sticks, it's hard for her to paint in all the crevices. But I use what's less messy and what we already have. It worked well enough. She choose green and blue.

She was very excited about drawing on the windows. In fact, before she started she asked me if the windows were round or square. I told her either would do as both were right. So she did round windows.

We were able to hang this one on her tree. We ended up getting a new tree as we couldn't seem to fix the lights on her old one. So we have half her ornaments up and trying to figure how best to hang the others. We either have to tape or glue on the hook, or maybe somehow make holes in the ornaments to work. But we're slowly getting there.
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