Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 9: Joseph

Today we had a great time. We went out to get a box to hold all the Truth in the tinsel supplies. The large shopping bag that it all was purchased in just wasn't up to snuff. So we headed out to find our box. We ended up going to 3 stores. We finally found it; and while out we happened upon some small lit trees for mega sale. They were perfect for our fireplace, which I always thought needed something more. They ended up being just perfect!

Then we did our Truth in the Tinsel project. Ashton was excited to use her glitter paint again. And now Mary has her Joseph.

Ashton was definitely in a mood. All hyper and dancing about. But that's my girl, always busy and full of energy.

Funny thing is that she told me men don't have yellow hair. I didn't know how to tell her guys have blonde hair just like girls. It was odd that she thought that. She's seen many movies with blondes of all kinds. But yes, I'm pretty sure Joseph wasn't a blonde. He was made out of love and is designed perfectly for the Mary ornament Ashton made earlier.

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