Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day 8: Sun

Today was sun, but Ashton only focuses on that the sun isn't black and why color it black.  I try to read to her while doing the project. I could read first, but she gets so anxious to do the project that she doesn't listen. She's more apt to listening while she's doing the project.

I told her that Jesus was the sun the light blocking out the darkness so we had to make the darkness first. She then asked if that was the sky. And rather than push forward with what I was trying to say, I said sure. Then she said the sun was round and not triangles. 

Yep. got me there. I told her it was artistic license. She asked what that meant and I said, it's art, go with it. And she seemed okay after that.

Not always an insightful look into the Bible, but a curious child none the less. I'll take it.

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