Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day 7: Music

Today we talked about music and songs. Ashton was all about Christmas carols. And she did a supberb job on the craft, but man, how will this hang on the tree? It's so heavy! I don't think that this one will fly. We couldn't hold it up because the marbles started to slide down, as the glue wasn't dry. But the general idea was captured. 

Next time I may just give her a marker and draw musical notes on the CD.

We were going to try to fit in the Christmas Game today, but we've been so busy with errands lately and other things, that I feel accomplished just to get the Truth and the Tinsel in each day. I think that it gets dark so early, like when I get off work, doesn't help either.

We've also had some sleeping issues with Ashton again, so that is making us doubly tired. She's been crying every night and continually every hour so that we're getting VERY little sleep. Even if she's sleeping with us. It's just not working. 

But last night, she stayed in her bed and slept through the night. So maybe we're on a upswing again. Her restless nights wear on us so. So I'm hoping that we can encourage her to keep this up.
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