Monday, December 5, 2016

Day 5: Mary

Today was about Mary. Ashton loved decorating her dress. I gave her a black marker to draw eyes for her. Ashton was insistent to use a colored marker. So now Mary has green eyes and lips with matching boots.

So I decided it was time to quiz her on everything that we learned. She couldn't answer or wouldn't. I'm not sure which. But she couldn't tell me Jesus' parents. Any answer from the three would have worked. Most answers were Maleficent or Zachariah. I think she even named the manger as one of his parents, once! Face to palm, I'm telling you.

I'd then talk about who Zachariah was and she said he couldn't talk. That answer was acceptable, but I have a lot to go over with her. We then did a drill of questions and answers and then I'd quiz her 30 minutes later to see what she retained. Nothing.

Sigh! So maybe tomorrow? But this is frustrating that such simple things that she has been read about, taught and Sunday school, none of it is sticking. Or either she has anxiety about being questioned. I don't know. Hopefully, in a few days she'll be able to recite some knowledge of the nativity.

At least she got the main one right. I asked her What is Christmas about. And she said Jesus' birthday.
She gets a point for that one.
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