Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day 4: Gabriel

Ashton needed a lot of help on her angel. It was hard for us to shove the paper and pipe cleaner up the bell. But she did choose the paper and help fold it with me.

Ashton was very confused why we didn't add eyes. But she loved flying him around (while making engine noises like he was a rocket ship).

I asked if she remembered him from yesterday as this was the same angel that visited Mary to tell her about Jesus. She said she did and wondered why we were making him a dress and kept telling me it was a girl angel. Of course.

But after this one, she was instant to make her own angel all by herself. She used lots of tape and tried to color in eyes and found out it didn't come out well on the glitter bell. But she did it all on her own and I'm proud of her for it.

I asked her what she named her angel and she said, "Tinkerbell". I told her that was a fairy name and not an angel name. She told me it was a fairy then. I stand corrected.

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