Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 23: Gifts

Finally all caught up, today we got to do only ONE Truth in the Tinsel project. I was so excited. Ashton loved this one because she got to mix applesauce and cinnamon together. She didn't get that this was to represent frankincense, but we talked about gifts that the wise men brought. And they brought good smelling stuff like this, but called frankincense. She just kept focusing on the star and wanting to mix. So that was okay. Sometimes they're a sponge, sometimes they are nothing but tangents.

It had to bake, so we took in a movie in between, but the star came out rather well, I'd say. Very cool for her tree.

Ashton really loved this ornament as she helped with the ingredients, stirring, and helped me form a star. She even used her straw and cut out the whole herself. Very awesome!

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