Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day 10: Dream

This Truth and the Tinsel was a very special one for Ashton. Not because the lesson was about Joseph's dream. But because we decided to use a scrap of her pillow case she sleeps with every night as the pillow ornament.

Ashton has always slept with a pillowcase since China. And she has gone through many versions of them, as she loves to suck on the corners and the pillowcases end up getting nasty, tear, break, rip...

Her current is a beloved fox pillowcase. We we've had to sew it down smaller and smaller as the edges fray. And in doing so, some of the leftovers were perfect for the pillow we were to make for this lesson

Here she is resting on the fabric we cut out for the pillow ornament.

I made sure we centered her fox in the mini pillow. We then pinned it together and stuffed it full of yarn, as I didn't have any cotton. I then terribly hand sewed the edges. I would push the needle half way through the material and then have Ashton pull it out and pull the thread taunt. I would then help guide the needle to where it needed to go next and she would complete it. It was a long task, but she helped sew her special pillow.


Here it is stuffed and sewn together. She was very happy with it. And I think it will be a beloved ornament years to come.
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