Thursday, December 22, 2016

Catching up on Truth in the Tinsel: Part 2

We did a lot of catching up yesterday. And finished up catching up today for the Truth in the Tinsel.

First was completing the manager from the 15th. It baked and cooled yesterday. Today we just tied a ribbon around it. We had three done, one by each of us. Hubby's was TOO BIG! A monster and heavy. Mine ended up sliding to one side and funky. Ashton's was perfect. We just got a ribbon and wallah! One down!

Then we had cloths from the 16th. I glued the cloth she picked to the ornament, and she drew his eyes and mouth. one eye is way bigger than the other. But that's okay. 

Next was the star from yesterday. I cut the circle and she and I together wrapped the gold string around it. She didn't think it looked like a star at all.

Then FINALLY we caught up to today's Truth in the Tinsel ornament. The wise men! Ashton kept slathering glitter glue on them, and I'd have to wipe off as the paper was curling. But they came out pretty well considering.

Whew! What an undertaking. But we got it done.
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