Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Catching up on Truth in the Tinsel: Part 1

Between Thursday, December 15 - Tuesday, December 20 we didn't get any of the Truth and the Tinsel done, despite my best intentions.

Dec. 15th was my birthday and we were out too late celebrating by going to dinner. I would have done the Tinsel when we came back, but it seemed so involving with making dough and baking, I thought it'd keep us up way too late. And as it was a school night, I thought it'd be much easier to do it Friday night and we could stay up later that night.

Dec. 16th we had errands to run. And then we did a spontaneous movie. By the time we got home it was really late again. And we had to get up early for the next day to celebrate Christmas over at Grandma's. So I thought we could do 3 leisurely on Saturday after Grandma's.

Dec. 17th at Grandma's and by the ed before getting home both Ashton and I feel sick. We have a stomach bug. End up in bed the rest of the day.

Dec. 18th still sick. We both just are in bed trying to get better.

Dec. 19th back at work and daycare. We're better, but not 100%. But as I'm not feeling sick to my stomach, my headaches turn into a terrible migraine.

Dec 20th my migraine is still at full force. Ashton is great, I'm tired and hurting, but muddling through the days. I manage to still make it to work.

Dec 21st we're back in business... but I know have 6 past due ornaments plus today's!!

Dec 15th: Manger - dough and painting. Daddy makes the dough. It's sticky and weird feeling, but we manage. I make one and Ashton does too by copying what I do. Daddy makes a giant one. I read her the passage and talk to her about her crib and his manger and if she gets the difference. She just thinks it's funny Jesus is with the stinky animals. We have much to cover so we just continue on.

As they have to bake and we have to paint, I decide part 1 is done. And we can finish them tomorrow. On to the next day.

Dec 16: Cloths - I can't find our scrap material right now. So I'll postpone to tomorrow.

Dec 17: Sheep - This we can do and finish tonight. I talk about how we're all sheep and Jesus is our shepherd and how the angels visited the shepherds to go see the birth of Jesus. I had to do the yarn and cutting but she was able to put on the eyes and fluff.

Day 18: Angels - This one was a bit delicate for Ashton, so I did a lot of it for her. But we talked about the angels that appeared to the shepherds again. I think I may revisit reading this all to her again as we had so many tasks to do,s o that there's more focus on the story.

Day 19: Shepherds - Ashton loved coloring her shepherd.While she colored I read. I didn't really ask many questions. Just let her soak it in as I've been throwing a lot at her in a short amount of time.

Day 20: Temple - I let her choose the special paper and I cut it out. Then I had her draw Joseph and Mary on it. They're hard to see since she did it in brown colored pencil, but they're both there. 

Day 21: Star - I'm spent. We've done a lot. Push off to tomorrow.

Day 15: Manger - half done finish tomorrow.
Day 16: Cloths - tomorrow.
Day 17: Sheep - DONE
Day 18: Angels - DONE
Day 19: Shepherds - DONE
Day 20: Temple - DONE
Day 21: Star - tomorrow.

Not bad. But man, don't like doing a bunch at once, especially on a work day. there's just not enough time to eat dinner, have play time, do this, and get to bed. I'm exhausted! Hope she's still loving it.

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