Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Review

Wow, it's that time to reflect how things have changed or not changed in the last year. Again, we decided to keep things low key. Ashton will stay up and watch the ball drop with us to bring in the new year. We're all happy just snuggling together, playing games, and vegging.

Here is 2016 Highlights:

February - Cast Removal

August - Baseball

September - Child to Work Day

October - Pumpkin Patch

November - Peyton Missing

December - Holiday Recital

2016 has been a very tough year. Many highs and lows. Ashton was in another cast this year, hives breakout, and had cavities! I'm hoping next year will be a clean bill of health for her! We welcomed Kaida, a Chihuahua, to our family! 2 great vacations - Mackinac Island and Disney World. We got to see my dearest friends and share Disney together. We also lost 3 dear furbabies this year. We lost Arwen our little Chihuahua, Dawson my Tibetan Spaniel, and Skylar also a Tibetan Spaniel. They were family and are missed. Then we almost lost Peyton! That whirlwind of her adventure was almost 2 weeks. I'm so glad it turned out to be a happy ending. Many who lose pets are not as fortunate. Her dancing classes stopped, started a new one and stopped again. Her tumbling class stopped and she started a new one. We're looking into her Kindergarten schools for next year. Lots of changes this year, and next year starting Kindergarten, I'm assuming a lot of changes and growing up. We are very blessed. Ashton still doesn't sleep well, but is still a good kid. She does try, though exhausting as she may be. She still loves making up songs about anything, The Headless Horseman, Pua, whatever. Her favorite movies are "Descendants", "Secret Life of Pets", and "DC Superhero Girls". She's still doing violin, though we thought about dropping her out because of her performance anxiety. but she begged to stay, and she's good. So she's in and the recitals are only twice a year. We'll worry about the next one in 6 months. Her favorite things to say around the house are "Aw, klutz!", "I don't want to go to bed!", and this thing where she just makes noises and goes up a couple octaves saying "Oooooo!" She loves Legos and drawing the most these days. I'm sure when it warms up it will be outside playing again. I'm working on reading with her and she can write her first and last name. We're just starting on her middle. She's such a smart little girl! Crazy questions all the time. Bring on 2017!

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