Friday, November 11, 2016

The Martini is Missing an Olive

Kaida has been looking goofy these days. Our girl got fixed, chipped, dewclaws removed, dental cleaning,the works!

While at the vet, she had pulled several stitches out of her belly and foot. So they put a cone on her. When my husband heard over the phone he replied, "They put a dixie cup over her head?"

We've had many pets during our lives and this is the first one that has needed a cone on their head. I find it odd we've never had one until now, but that's how it is.

It's funny because she's quick and loves to tease. We have dog gates up, and she can fit through the bars. One of her favorite games is to take Khaleesi's toys and run through the gate with them and then lie down just out of reach and tease Khaleesi with her prize. Well, with her cone, she can't fit. And she's been bound and determined to fit through, but can't. It's been very amusing.

Ashton just adores Kaida and has been giving her extra scratches around the neck where the cone is tied. Our little Martini needs help with face and neck scratches. But we are more than happy to oblige.

Day 9 of Peyton Missing - we have a weekend ahead. I'm hoping for more calls or leads to help us find her. We have decided that we'll stop looking after 2 weeks from the last call we get. So if we get any leads, we will keep it up for at least 2 weeks, because we can't keep searching forever. Ashton asks if sh'e s gone forever, where is she. She still doesn't get the full grasp of it all. However, she did say she'd give her piggy bank money away as a reward in helps to find her. My sweet girl!

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