Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Big and Small of It

These two are so alike. Plus, they are stinking adorable! They love to play together, but Kaida our little one and Khaleesi our big one always end up in trouble. They get each other so worked up. They are the youngest in our brood, so both have the most energy, in spades! But they are good for each other.

The other 2 pups are older and don't like to play like they used to. They are now old fuddy duddies. But these two keep the house on its toes!

And what's funny is Khaleesi adores Ashton and they play together all the time. It's not always pretty, because I'm always piping at them to quiet down. They both get so loud, Ashton with her giggling and Khaleesi with her play barking. It's exhausting watching those too.

But when it comes to Kaida and Ashton. Kaida just wants Ashton's stuff. Just like with Khaleesi's toys, Kaida like to hoard all of Ashton's things that fall to the floor. She'll even go in the bottom open drawers to pull out things. I find her shoes, socks, toys, everywhere, because Kaida has taken them. But she doesn't really want to play with Ashton and Ashon just swoons over Kaida begging her to play with her. But Kaida isn't interested. I don't know if Kaida will ever change her tune, but as now, it's probably for best.
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