Monday, November 21, 2016



If you can believe it, today was one of the first days Peyton wasn't on the couch snuggling up. I keep trying to take a photo, but she hasn't cooperated thus far. and I want her happy, so haven't been pushing it.

Today my hubby had the two chis and I had the big moaner! She didn't quite fit as nicely as the other two.

Ashton has been hounding poor Kaida lately. Ashton has always had an affinity for Kaida, but she's been all in her face and relentless. So much so that every morning, Kaida is now grabbing Ashton's pant legs and trying to show her who's boss. These two!

Ashton is also now back in her bad sleeping mode. She's been crashing with us every night, thus we're not getting much sleep. It's been awful. WE're trying different things again to break the habit. We'll see how it goes.
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