Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Gymnastics Class

Day 6: Still no sight of Peyton. It's even rained once. How terrible. I just am trying to find a balance between working, living live, and making finding our baby a priority. It very surreal to juggle. A very odd sense of being.

But I don't want this blog to focus on my pain, my guilt. This may never end. So I''ll do my best to document our search, but try not to go on length about it. But believe me, every moment, every day I feel it.

So in all of this, Ashton is back in gymnastics starting today. It just all really happened in the background.

Just a few short weeks ago, I was notified her gymnastics was over. I had to go on vacation, then Peyton was gone. That has been my life as of late.

Well, during our vacation, Ashton's daycare provider has been on the search for a new teacher that will come to class like her old teacher and provide the same kind routines and pricing. I heard of possibilities but hadn't really paid attention too much as my mind has been elsewhere.

Now there is a new teacher. And giving a free class to all to try out and then starts weekly classes after that. She costs a bit more than the last teacher, but Ashton seems unphased by it all. So if she's happy and can get her gymnastics in. then, yes were in. One small victory!

Ashton's daycare sent me these photos to show me what her first day was like. She seems really focused which is great. Guess it all worked out, nothing for me to worry about. And really, that's awesome, because I have plenty to keep me worried, and no time to think about what to do for her as a replacement. This came in just in time and hassle free! Love it!

I'm glad she has this back.

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