Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just a Little Dirt Never Hurt Anybody

Look what got unloaded at our house today! About 5 tri axles of dirt, I think. We have a sideyard that needs leveling, so here comes the dirt. Ashton is beyond thrilled, but I won't let her touch it.

She'd love to climb, roll around in it all day long. That's my girl. And a little dirt never hurt anyone, but I've got no time for a mess on that scale. So she's been instructed not to touch. Let's hope she abides.

Peyton update - Day 8  missing. We've got a weekend project coming up now. That means less time searching. We've had a few calls, but nothing as strong as the call we got on Sunday. It's hard to weave through legit calls and not. Many are vague. But we hit hard the neighborhoods that may have had a sighting. More posters, more drivebys. We search at least 3 times a day. But it's feeling hopeless. When do we stop? It's been over a week. What are our odds?

Drusilla seems to like the extra attention being an only cat. I give it to her and ask her about Peyton, like she'll perk up and lead me the way she went. But she just wants ear scratches. Life keeps on moving on but I hate it. We've even had rain one day, and I worried about our baby. But maybe she's inside with a stranger, maybe she's learned to hunt. I'm sure she's found shelter, but there's also frost in the mornings now. It's getting cooler. But we haven't given up
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