Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hinting at Leaving?

Ashton draws and colors ALL the time. Everyday. Mostly its coloring a coloring book or she's just scribbling and it's a bunch of colors. Now and then its a spaceship, which again looks like a blob.

Now and then she draws something impressive - like a rabbit, a dragon, something recognizable.

Yesterday, my daughter drew me this. It's our family in the car. I guess we do a lot of driving about and any vacation, we drive there, never fly. So makes sense. Trust me, I'd love to go on another family trip. Sign me up.

You can see the steering wheel up front and my hubby driving. You can see my red hair and Ashton's pigtails. I love how there are windows framing us perfectly. And she even drew our arms, legs, but you can see that car covers them up. She signed it Ashoon. But that was her writing her name with out any prompting. This is actually an improvement ans she used to write the letters of her name randomly all over the paper, not in a straight line.

So very good job. I took it to work with me today to display next to her photos.

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