Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Getting Back in the Groove

I'm slowly adjusting back to work and catching up on laundry, housework, and so forth.

I think everyone is taking time to ease back. Ashton keeps asking when we'll go back to Disney, that she loves Disney and is ready now.

But it's time to come back down to reality.

Then to top it all off, Ashton had some shots today at the doctor.

In my car is 1 stuffed animal. Jacques the fox. He is Ashton's traveling companion. Unless we're on a trip, he's the only toy allowed. Sometimes she wants to hold him, other times he's just along for the ride. Rarely does he leave the car. However, on routine doctor visits he always seems to be by her side.

While in the waiting room, Ashton was playing with some mega blocks. While doing so she decided to make a tower for Jacques. Nothing notable, but still darn cute. This girl loves to build.

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