Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fleeting Moments

Wish I could say we found Peyton. Wish I could say we have news. But we don't. She's been gone 4 days. I really thought we'd find her this weekend. But we haven't. It's going to be hard to start the week without her.

We've put up posters everywhere stores, neighborhoods, peoples' mailboxes. We've checked shelters. We've checked our online sources. And we've had a few leads. But it's hard to know if it was definitely our cat they spotted. And when and what direction. We've been bouncing around from neighborhood to neighborhood.

I've even had one caller say there was a dead cat in the road and I may want to check it out in case it was her. I drove. It was a possum. Not even a cat. Make some wonder if we're having people think they are seeing her when they aren't.

This hasn't been easy. Most of our free time (which really, when you boil don to it isn't free time - it's laundry time, housework time, working out time) we try hanging more posters, talking to neighbors, checking possible sighting locations... it's very tiring. We're going around in circles, it feels like. But we pray upon the hope that we haven't found her dead. So she's out there, she has to be. But every day it gets harder, unless there's a call, then there is a new wave of hope.

Today we had our first sighting, and we had a friend even help walk about and check every which way.

But I don't want to just post about Peyton being lost. I want to also talk about the life of my daughter and what's she's been up to. But it's hard when you are searching for your cat. She misses Peyton, but as young as she is, it's hard to juggle as she gets bored with searching and doesn't understand all the ramifications. So I have to be a mom first and sometimes I just let my husband check and search most times, as it's hard to tag Ashton along. There has been a time where I was able to have her be watched by the neighbors when we got a call of a possible sighting, however, typically that's not an option.

I'm also trying to photograph more of our pets more often with us.

This may sound silly, but after searching for photos of Peyton and when was the last time I took a photo of Peyton, I realized that I do take photos of my pets. I do. But more so when they were puppies or kitties or new to the family.

It used to be often enough, then we got Ashton, and now it's not quite as often. And I feel bad. I mean they are around constantly and in our lives constantly, but not documented quite as much. And they're family too. I need to notice all these moments, because they are fleeting.

Here is Ashton with Kiara! Kiara isn't the snuggler. She likes to lay at your feet or behind the couches out of the way. But when she wants something, dang it she'll get your attention. When she wants to be noticed, she gets it. So a couple days ago she was laying on a blanket by our feet, and Ashton laid down beside her. I decided I should document it with a photo. Of course, Kiara decides to get up and walk away when I wanted to take a photo, but I'm trying. It's not picture perfect, but it's our family. I've got to quit worrying about the perfect photo and know that the everyday photo is good enough.

This is the best therapy I can do to kind of appease for what I've done to Peyton. If we can't find her or if she's lost forever, I can say that I'm being more cognizant of my furbabies and documenting their lives with us too. I'm going to honor her with more love and affection to all our furbabies.

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