Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cat Found! Peyton Returns Home!

The weekend has been busy. Lots of dirt to move and my husband is having a blast on the bobcat moving it all up and down the hill!

Of course Ashton wants in on the action and was told until he was done, she wouldn't get a turn. So she's been asking me excessively when she can ride the bobcat. And finally, before it got dark today, she got to ride the bobcat.

Then my husband began spraying down the driveway. I was inside in the kitchen getting ready to make dinner, when my husband screams my name.

I rush to the front door and see my husband across the cul-de-sac. The hose is left running on the ground in a big mud puddle in our driveway. He's with our neighbors from a different intersecting street to ours. The ones who don't speak English very well. We've met time to time, but I never remember their names. I'm so bad with names. But it's the mother with her young daughters, about Ashton's age, and in Mark's arms is Peyton!


I run across the cul-de-sac and see Peyton alive in my husband's arms!

I lift her head and nussle her. I ask how? We tell them that is our cat! I ask if she's seen the posters? I hug her and her daughters.

So here are the events as I understand them from that blur of minutes.

She and the girls were in their own backyard and they see her. They call her over and she comes straight to them. They wonder who she belongs to. So they put her on a leash and start walking her door to door to find out her owner. They were walking her down our way when my husband saw Peyton and ran straight over. They have seen the posters, but didn't make the connection as the cat in the posters seemed darker than this cat.

Peyton was dirty, but fine. We did a quick look over and no gashes or cuts. She lost lots of weight, but was fine. And she was purring. She was nussled back and forth in his then my arms, purring away.

I brought her home to eat and drink while my husband kept chatting away with them. Ashton was in the doorway, trying to figure out all the commotion. She saw me bring in Peyton and was so excited. I quickly got most of the dogs out of the kitchen so Peyton could eat in peace. At least for now. I got her cat food and water and we sat down together watching her. 

Peyton went to the water bowl first, and just kept lapping up water. She must have drank for 5 minutes straight. Then she went to her food and ate for a good while. Then she came to me and leaned her body in wanting to be petted. Then she went back to the water to start the routine all over again. All the while she was doing all these things, you could hear her purring.

I can't remember how long she went back and forth from water, to food to us to be loved. It just circled over and over and over. While petting I took a closer examination over her. She really lost a lot of weight, was dingy, and had maybe a few scabs on her, but nothing major.

I have no idea where she was if she stayed in our neighborhood the whole time or was wondering in and out, I don't care. She's home!

We decided to share on Facebook our good news. So I tried to get photos of her with me. But she was too happy to be still for a selfie. This was the best I got.

So I tried with Ashton. Much better, but Ashton still doesn't know how to hold her right.

Then Ashton said she'd take my photo with her. I thought it'd come out crooked and out of focus. But actually it came out great! Ashton took a great photo of us.

I quickly shared on Facebook then my phone was buzzing with calls from family and friends.

Finally we had to eat dinner and bring the rest of our furbabies back to reality. Khaleesi was ecstatic to see Peyton home and kept bathing her face with kisses.

But shortly after Peyton just passed out from all the excitement. She needed her sleep. It has been 11 days missing. She's had an adventure of a lifetime and now she's home, time to recoup.

But Peyton didn't sleep the rest of the day away. She wanted to be petted and snuggled all day long. And we were happy to oblige. We so incredibly thankful and happy. God brought her back to us. We are eternally grateful. I think we will all sleep much better tonight.
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