Saturday, October 8, 2016

Star Wars Party

Today was Ashton's big day. And boy, am I exhausted! Ashton wanted a Tauntaun party. The best I could give her was a Star Wars party. Which she was happy with. I ordered her a special Tauntaun shirt. She loved it. The Notre Dame reference lost on her, she didn't understand why he was fighting, but loved the shirt none the less. 

The morning we had a few last minute things to do. I went to get the balloons. The bundle fit in the back seat. But the large R2D2 floater didn't fit in the trunk. So he rode shotgun. It was hard to reach the gear shift and he was "steering" with me and on my leg, but I made it home safely. He's HUGE!! You read the size, but sometimes it still doesn't prepare you.

My husband stayed up late working on the cake. It turned out beautifully. I thought it looked better than most I've seen.

I wish I could have gotten him on the floor so you could see his size next to Ashton. But huge!

Ashton was very impatient for the party to start. And she wasn't allowed to touch the games or pinata ahead of time. It was just all too tempting!

We went outside and turned on the R2D2 bubble maker... and yes, a large R2D2 balloon, cake, bubbles, I know it's not an R2 party, but you can't find these things in a Tauntaun. I loved the bubble maker. Lots of bubbles, great sound effects, but it had an auto shut off every 5 minutes. So we'd have to keep going out and turn him back on to greet the guests.

Ashton with Pop, her Daddy's dad. He was the first to arrive.

We got some of the first arrival of guests to do a photo together. They were all so cute, but it was hard to get them to smile. You'd think they weren't at a party. 

Ashton with her Godmother!

We did games. We had a bowling Star Wars game where they bowled with the Death Star and knocked down stormtrooper pins. The kids loved it. We then had a Darth Vadar Halloween bucket that they threw in Tsum Tsum Star Wars characters. That was a surprise hit too. Then came the pinata!

Ashton with her great-grandmother.

Finally, cake!! She was super excited about having chocolate cake, but the day of, she didn't want a bite. All she wanted was her pinata candy. Go figure!

She then opened gifts from her family and friends. She was so grateful for all of it. I was proud of her.

Then the moment all the kids were waiting for, to hit each other with lightsabers. Everyone choose their lightsaber color and had at it. Other than leaving the yard perimeter a few times, it went rather well.

Four generations! Grandma watched the kids, ate pizza and had Doritos. She was exhausted, but had a good time!

Once everyone left Ashton started to play with her new toys. She began with one of her new art sets and started to color in her DC Superhero girls sketch book.

We had to take a photo with her gift from us. She got her Tauntaun. He'll be her "accessory" for Halloween. She asked to ride a Tauntaun for Halloween. This was the best way for us to have that done. She loves him and he will be her guard Tauntaun in her room at night. He'll sit in the corner watching her bed, protecting her. He's amazing and so beautiful in person. He's a bit heavy for her, but she'll grow into him. She named her Tauntaun on a stick, Anakin.

Her birthday was wonderful and exhausting! I personally remember my 5th birthday very well. It was an all Snow White theme. I don't remember my prior birthdays. I don't know if Ashton will be the same, but this was a pretty awesome birthday!
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