Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Star Wars Gaga

Today our family geeked out! We love our Star Wars, and Hollywood Studios is the place to be if you love Star Wars.

Mr. A and Mr. S stayed behind and would meet up with us in the afternoon. Mr. S wouldn't really like Hollywood Studios.

First off, we went to the back of the park to get in line to get Ashton and Miss S. a slot for the Jedi Academy Training.

Through the winding line we decided to take this "safe" photo of the girls by guns, tanks, and grenades. You know, stuff just laying about while you wait. They look up to no good, don't they?

After about an hour or more we got up to schedule our class. All the morning classes were booked. We were perplexed what to do. We were planning on doing Hollywood in the morning. Eat lunch and nap, then do Animal Kingdom in the afternoon. Hollywood Studios was important to us and Animal Kingdom was important to our friends.

But with no more slots left for the Jedi training in the morning, we decided to take the latest ones they had, so we could plan better.

We then talked. We wanted to do all the Star Wars stuff. They wanted to do the Frozen stuff. So we decided to split up and they do Frozen in the morning then go to Animal Kingdom alone. We would do our Star Wars and other rides in Hollywood Studios and stay here.

I felt perplexed as I haven't gotten to see my best friend in years, and we should spend time together, but Disney is expensive, and park hopping is more so, and we would rather stay at Hollywood Studios and they Animal Kingdom. So even though we planned to do it one way, we couldn't make the times work for us to do it all. Luckily we all were okay with the plan. I hated not to share it with them, but they don't like sci-fi anyway. So they wouldn't enjoy this part, and we didn't need to see the animals as we have zoos, and they don't. Also with fitting in Ashton's nap, that took away from their time as Mr. S would be all ready as he's staying behind already, and Miss S is too old for naps. So we hugged goodbye and we went our separate ways.

As we came back we saw Captain Phasma walking down the man street! It was awesome! I so want that costume!

First, we went on the Star Wars ride. It was so awesome! We all got in our "star ship" and we saw C3PO and Finn and they were trying to protect a rebel spy. Then low and behold they show a photo of the spy on the screen. It was Ashton! Ashton saw herself and asked if Darth Vader was coming for her. I said, not to worry, that is why she's getting Jedi Training! She loved hearing that. Then we were off and flying about racing from the First Order. the ride was a blast. I wish I could have captured that screenshot of Ashton as a spy with all the Star Wars lettering and stuff. It was cool.

Then we went to visit Chewbacca. On our way in the building, we were stopped and inspected by a stormtrooper.

Then we went through the Cantina. The Jawas were in love with Ashton and her R2D2 shoes.

Then we were in line for Chewie. And man, so tall. And he roared and moaned like he was chatting it up with us. And He motioned us over to take our photo with him. I about hugged him like a teddy bear! It was so cool!

Then it was lunch time. I HAD to buy the BB-8 mug. It was too cool! One of my favorite souvenirs.

Then it was time for a nap. We left as our girl was getting cranky. She slept in our hotel room and then refreshed to a new adventure.

We then went on the Toy Story ride. As it was 2 to a ride, my hubby rode with Ashton and I by myself. It was still fun. I may not have beaten my husband's score, but I beat Ashton's. One day, I'm sure I won't be able to.

We then shared a slushy and saw that a Star Wars show was starting in the middle of the park.

All these characters kept coming out. I know this sounds lame, but I was close to ears, just so overwhelmed by all these characters I loved, in person! I loved seeing C3Po, R2D2, and BB-8 the most. I wanted to hug them all! But adding everyone else, it was like I was a kid again. I never saw Star Wars on the big screen as a kid. Too young for that, but I saw them on video. So I image that this is what it was like to see it on screen. The thrill was awesome!

We then decided it was time to meet Kylo Ren. And Ashton wasn't afraid. She went right up and he walked around her and told her, "I sense a great potential in this little one." He then proceeded to tell her to return when she had grown. I was like a proud mama going, "Yeah, my girl has the force!"

I wanted to jump up and down and ask what about m, what about me? Or ask him if he'd seen his Mama lately. But I kept quiet. (Yes, I'm a total geek!)

We then looked around and saw all the collecter's stuff.

We then went to eat an early meal as we had Jedi Training right after. Ashton was one of the first to arrive in the group.

She didn't choose, but she was given green Jedi robes. They then talked about going in height order. Ashton was the shortest. So she was up front and would get to hold the banner as they made their way from the "costuming/check-in" to the staged area where they'd get their training.

They were then led on stage.

Ashton was on the upper stage with the male trainer. This was group R2D2. Some of the other kids were on a lower stage with a female trainer. This was group BB-8.

It was a cute show.

They were training the kids as a group, and Ashton's light saber (green :) ) keep getting turned off (not glow) and she'd play with it trying to turn it on. It must have happened 2 or 3 times. The instructors would come by and turn it back on for her. She spent more time trying to fix her saber than practice.

Then he made a quip about her needing to fight persons larger than herself, unless she feared Ewoks.

It started to get dark by now and it was cool to see as you could really see the sabers glow. They used their Jedi powers to open the gate together.

Then the villains came to fight. The Seventh Sister came down to fight the kids on the lower level and Darth Vader came to fight Ashton and her group on the upper level.

Ashton was so excited. She was jumping up and down to fight.

Then she had her turn.

Consistent. She was adorable. Man, if they only had this for us adults!! I loved watching her. I know it's all a show, but I was one proud Mama!

Then Kylo Ren came out and Ashton was jumping again with excitement ready to fight him, but the 2 adult trainers took care of him.

Ashton was beaming. You can tell from the photos how happy and pleased with herself she is.

We then went to see the Star Wars fireworks. We had to just sit and wait for a while. Ashton entertained herself being a ghost.

Finally the fireworks came. It was awesome. Ashton was bored with them, but we ate it up.

We had a great time at Hollywood Studios and can't wait for the Star Wars Land to open! That may be the next time we can come back.
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