Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rosie 2.0

So for her birthday Ashton's daddy and I got her another Rosie, as the first Rosie had a short and dismal fate. Ashton was so excited.

So first thing this morning, we put Rosie in a bowl of water for her to hatch.

The last Rosie took about 48 hours to hatch. So we told her to be patient.

Here she is doing her now typical Supergirl pose. It's one of her favorite ways to pose for photos.

What's funny is that Rosie 2.0 isn't like the original Rosie. This one "hatched" early. Meaning later today early. And she didn't crack out of her shell. Her shell sort of popped open and out came a little Rosie.

Ashton didn't care. She was excited and had Rosie 2.0 kiss herself for a photo op. Let's hope this Rosie sticks around for awhile.

Regardless of the dud hatching, I hope she keeps a smile on our girl's face.

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