Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pumpkin Picking Time

So this is our 4th annual Pumpkin Patch visit. It's amazing this tradition we've done. And I thoroughly enjoy doing it every time. Though I must say I personally, always look forward to the apple cider slushie the most. And this is the 3rd time we've taken Khaleesi. Ashton was very excited to go.

Every year we've gone it's been packed. We usually go on a Saturday. This time it was a Sunday. And with the weather being overcast and it raining off an on the day before, there wasn't much of a crowd, which was great. No long lines, no waiting. It was easier to keep an eye on Ashton and get around.

Ashton didn't want her photo taken she said without her map. This girl LOVES maps!

We immediately went out on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. It had rained a lot over the last week, so everything was muddy. We did our best to keep Ashton out of most of it. 

We decided this year we'd get a family of pumpkins. One that represented each of us. A tall one for daddy, a round one for me, and a small one for Ashton. 

What's funny is we've spent half an hour to an hour in the patch looking for the perfect pumpkin. This time we must have found our prospective pumpkins in 10 minutes flat!

We found a mother and son nearby to take our family photo, before we lugged the pumpkins back to the tractor to take us back to the farm.

Waiting for the tractor, Ashton made over Khaleesi.

Next item of business, while my hubby took the pumpkins to the car, Ashton climbed the tall hay stack.

We then bought 10 tickets that I gave Ashton. I would tell her what each ride/event cost and she would count out her tickets for the ride.

First was the haunted house bounce house. She went in without me and had fun running about.

Then we went off to slingshot a tiny pumpkin. At first she didn't understand and was about to just throw her pumpkin like a baseball. Luckily, we stopped her in time and got her to use the giant slingshot. She did rather well. She was so adorable in the glasses and pulling the slingshot. She missed her target, but was close.

She then went in another bounce house shaped like a caterpillar. She had trouble getting out.

Next was the bounce floor. She was on it forever! It was nice that it wasn't crowded this year.

Then she wanted the tracker ride aka in her words the train! He gentleman just did a ride with all the cars full with kids, but Ashton didn't make it in time. So she got to ride all by herself in style. She was waving like the Queen of England.

She had one ticket left and decided to try the cannon. She went back to the same guy who did the slingshot and asked for the cannon. This time she hit her target BOTH times!

Then it was time to go home. We didn't ride the camels or the ponies this year, but still had plenty of fun.

This was a nice break from the painting. It all needed drying anyhow. And I think Khaleesi loved going on a trip. Worth it every year!

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