Sunday, October 2, 2016

Painting the house

With the mudding done and sanding, it was time to prime the walls and paint. And since we were doing that, I might as well paint the trim and spruce up the place.

With us painting, we knew better than to leave Ashton out. She begged to paint with us. So we took a drop mat, put her in "paint clothes" like us, brought out her desk, and set her down with paints I bought specifically for her. I didn't know how messy it would be as I'd never had her use these paints before.

I told her the paints were an early birthday present since we were painting today.

Ashton was thrilled. She made tons of masterpieces.

The last one she made was of us her family, with Khaleesi (far right) at the pumpkin patch. She made the pumpkin (far left) and a rainbow. She can't wait to go. But not until AFTER her nap.

Today was the only day she said she was tired and had no qualms about going down for her nap. Funny.

We didn't get all the painting done, but we made a good dent. And the paints that Ashton had were a great success. They dried fast and weren't messy! All in all a great investment to our budding artist.

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